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There are many stories out there about cleaning services being sued due to damages allegedly caused by workers on the job . If you own a cleaning business, these kinds of lawsuits are just one example of why you need cleaning services insurance.

Your business no doubt takes you to countless places so you can keep businesses, schools, and/or private residences spotless. Any suit against you claiming that you or your employees caused property or bodily harm is expensive to defend, whether or not it has any basis. Fighting even a frivolous suit is time-consuming and financially draining.

The following kinds of insurance are helpful for cleaning businesses and janitorial services.

1. General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance can protect you against claims of bodily injury, one of the most expensive lawsuits to defend against. You could ending up owing a lot of money if someone claims he or she slipped on a floor that you or an employee cleaned. You could potentially suffer millions of dollars in damages—a terrifying prospect for any business owner.

General liability insurance can pay for medical damages, funeral expenses, court costs, settlement expenses, and more. It can also pay for property damage claims, libel or slander claims, and copyright or brand infringement allegations.

2. Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers’ comp can pay for medical costs for an employee hurt on the job or suffering from a work-related illness. An injury can occur when an employee lifts heavy equipment, slips on a wet or slippery floor, or is hurt in a fire or explosion.

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3. Commercial Auto Insurance

Coverage is also available for commercial vehicles that you and your employees use to get from location to location. Liability coverage for your vehicle will pay for injuries or damage to other property or people if you or an employee is at fault. Physical damage coverage will also protect your vehicle if it is in a no-fault accident. Regardless of the cause, this is a vital policy to have.

4. Employee Fidelity Insurance

Employee fidelity insurance will protect you against intentionally dishonest acts of one of your employees. Such insurance, also called a fidelity bond, gives a potential client confidence in your business. Your client would be compensated if an employee of yours is prosecuted and convicted for something he or she did while working for you.

Even though you may do a criminal background check on someone you hire, many potential clients will expect this coverage.

5. Umbrella Liability Insurance

Umbrella liability coverage can provide the extra protection a cleaning service needs. This extends the limits of your general liability coverage. It is often possible to extend your coverage in $1 million increments at a very affordable rate. Different states have different regulations regarding this coverage, but an agent in your state could give the necessary information.

For more information about insurance for cleaning businesses and janitorial services, feel free to contact us for a quote.